Top Sales Not To Miss…Ever

Looking for a new look or simply some add-ins? It may be hard when your on a budget or saving for something but you don’t have to sacrifice quality to save a dime.

You just have to be persistent, patient and ready to pay good prices for some cute duds. 

And you can do that at these sales which are not to miss! 


Great for euro-trend clothing. They a variety of looks from simple blouses  to Tropical print dresses and hot pink skirts! Their items usually start at $20 on sale are great for work or a simple yet trendy/chic look. Don’t miss their ballet flats! 

Banana Republic 

Their sales, especially if you have their credit card, are great! Looks for great deals on their cocktail dresses, chino pants and blouses. Their looks are great for work! Their items usually start at about $25.


The quality is not as amazing but extremely well priced especially when you’re in a pinch. Look for their sun dresses, blouses and sweaters. They’re jeans are good but sometimes they’re a hit or miss. But if you do get a hit, it’s definitely a good deal and trendy. Check out their ballet flats and accessories. 


It’s great for the basics! Sturdy Jeans, t-shirts, and sun dresses. Oh and don’t forget their espadrilles. They’re sale items can range from $10 and up.