Cookies By Amour


I heard a rumor about some delectable cookie creations, which taste like a little bit of heaven when you bite into them, and I couldn’t resist… so, I followed the crumbs, which led me to ‘Cookies By Amour’!

These bite-size temptations are the perfect marriage of two buttery silver-dollar cookies, which are glued together with anything from Dulce- de- Leche, raspberry, guava (most popular) and even candied coconut. I couldn’t help wanting to know the secrets of this melt in your mouth delicacy, so I went straight to the source, ‘Cookies By Amour’ creator Martica.


Maritca, how did you come up with this concept?

“I left my job and I love baking, so I started to experiment… after trying different recipes I was inspired to bake these little cookies. It’s my, well, the ‘Cookies By Amour’ spin on popular Hispanic treat, the Alfajor.”

And how did that name come about?

Well my husband and I have called each other ‘Amour’ for more than thirty- years now… I had some friends for dinner, and we were discussing my cookies, which everyone had been raving about, and they told me I should start selling them, and ‘Cookies By Amour’ was born.”


Martica started by sharing samples, then through word of mouth came filling the orders and before she knew it the cookies just took off; and they are affordable too boot, 30 cookies are just $25. You can’t mistake the presentation, adorning a vintage inspired chrome platter and flowing ribbon, they are perfect for any occasion, since Martica personally makes sure the cookies bode the color of your choice.

And when I asked Martica what her ultimate cookie goal was, her answer was so pure and inspiring, because it avoided congruencies with anything material, she simply said… “I want to have my cookies bring ‘Amour’ to every home.”


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