Laundromating:The Experience 

When your facilities are broken or you are simply without a washer or dryer, the next step other than paying up the wazoo for dry cleaning is…the laundromat.

It’s a place some of us haven’t gone since college or ever for some but none the less, it’s definitely a great place to get a lot done fast and for almost nothing.

It also has washer/dryers that hold way more and clean your clothes in wayyyy less time. 

Before you go, make sure to know your laundro-etiquette!

Don’t Hog’Em

Don’t bust through the doors with 5 bags of laundry and expect to take up all the machines. Leave some for the rest. 

Check Yourself 

Make sure the machines you choose aren’t in use by someone else. Detergent or a personal item on top of the machine is a good indicator. 

You’re Not Invisible 

Make sure you’re not blocking another person’s way. Be aware of your space and how much you can move or stand around between machines. 

Gage Your Load 

Before overpacking the washer, think about having to dry it later. How long will that load take to dry? If you overpack it, it might take even longer and cost more to dry your items! 

Ask Before Changing The TV 

Ask someone working there if it’s okay to change the channel and make sure someone who got there before you isn’t watching it. 

Finally, just be polite and friendly! Please & thank you!