Y The RNC Is Important

The Republican National Convention, also known as the RNC. It already sounds a bit boring doesn’t it? 

It may be a mouthful but this event has prompted about 50,000 people to flood Cleveland, Ohio for the week. 

It’s the place where Republicans will formally nominate and talk up Trump as the Republican nominee in the next presidential race.

That’s in November of this year, by the way so it may be good to brush up on your candidates. Don’t worry. We have to do it too! 

This is a time when the party which has deep rifts will try to give the image, or attempt to, of being a united front behind a candidate that has caused quite a bit of controversy. 

But it’s definitely been fun following his remarks on Twitter! 

Some big names like both living previous Republican presidents are not attending. I wouldn’t say they gaveTrump the bird, but… 

The RNC is a chance to see the party – mostly as a whole – work with a candidate that they did not necessarily want but won fair and square the amount of delegates needed to get the nomination. 

Let’s see how they do it. Check it out and talk with your friends about it. If they don’t know then pass on the news!