How To Re-Condition Your Skin 

Fun in the sun during summer time is great for the soul but not for the skin. The sun and beach are one of the top ways your skin may be feeling dried out.

There’s no quick fix, but there are some ways to keep yourself conditioned. 

Coconut Oil 

It’s a great natural version of sunblock! Plus, it has great fats that replenish your dry skin! 


Not the all natural option but it’s great when you’re in a bind! If your skin is itchy or simply dried out, this is your go to for fast relief. 

Cocoa Butter 

A member of the cacao family, this is packed with antioxidants, fats and simple goodness! It smells great and the texture makes it easy to lather. Just don’t eat it! 

Olive Oil 

Believe it or not, this is great for your skin every once in a while. The oil will help your skin keep it’s moisture while also reconditioning what’s already been left dry. Just don’t go out after putting it on. Save it for a spa night where you shower after.