Sunday’s Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the name given to the idea that “like attracts like!”

In New Thought philosophy the theory suggests that by focusing on Positive or Negative thoughts, a person attracts Positive or Negative experiences and energy into their life.

The theory further delves into using particular language and phrases like “Positive Thinking” and “The Law of Attraction” to infuse everyday conversations. Books like ‘The Secret‘ have created a phenomenon  in recent years using this theory as the basis for there inspiration. In ‘The Secret‘ acclaimed author Louise Hay, who is considered the mother of positive thinking, uses the ‘Law of Attraction’, as the basis for how individuals should lead their lives.

Basically in ‘The Secret‘ this Law creates a universal awareness to our sense of humanity– Because the belief runs through the ideal that every thought we have, or every spoken word…  the universe in turn projects a response to the energy you are putting out.

So it goes, with the people you attract. Einstein suggested we steer clear of ‘negative’ people, because for every ounce of your positive energy, they will project a negative response.  

It’s Sunday and the inception of a new week– a perfect moment to release yourself of the ‘negativity’ which surrounds you and bring to it ‘positivity’… Don’t allow people around you to omit their energy onto your path, unless it is working to make you feel better about who you are!