Pied à Terre on SoBe

Pied à Terre

“One of South Beach’s hidden gems”

There is almost nothing better in life, than dining at a restaurant, where you are transported to another place and time. Then you get that special feeling, as though there is nothing more important than your dining experience, and at that moment you know you are in the perfect place time. THAT is exactly the feeling I got, when I dined at Pied à Terre on South Beach a few weeks back.

Since opening in 2011, Pied à Terre Restaurant has specialized in contemporary French cuisine, and its got this great tropical infusion, which bodes so well to its location. Pied à Terre makes use of the freshest local ingredients, an extensive selection of hand-selected wine and a dose of elegant fine dining with its attention to every detail.

Located within the historic Cadet Hotel, Pied à Terre Restaurant has reviewers calling it, “One of South Beach’s hidden gems.” So The Y Life knew we wanted to know the 411 on how Pied à Terre became such a special place, and we went straight to the source, the Pied à Terre Food & Wine Consultant, Patrick Gruest.

Tell us about Pied à Terre and what makes it such a special spot on South Beach?

“We are not about the scene! Despite the fact we are located in the heart of Miami Beach..

We are a haven of discretion and casual elegance dedicated to fine cuisine and unique wines. A true experience that the “foodies” and wine connoisseurs will appreciate, while having a relaxed conversation with their companions.”


The cuisine at Pied à Terre is inspired by some classic French dishes, tell us how you select what will be on the menu seasonally?

“The seasonal availability of ingredients dictates the evolution of our menus. The few Classic French dishes we use, are totally reinvented in a very light flavorful version.”


Part of the Pied experience is the wonderfully paired wine selections, how do you go about selecting the perfect pairings?

“We go through a lot of wine tastings, featuring wines from different parts of the world. Wines are chosen to compliment the style of our cuisine; during the process, pairings come to mind naturally.  Our wine list features a number of not very well known wines, and we are proud to give an opportunity to our guests to discover new distinct flavors.”


Miami Beach is known for its ostentatious restaurants, that are not intimate in the least. BUT, Pied is different… Tell us why the Cadet Hotel values the Pied à Terre experience so much?

Pied à Terre offers a touch of class and distinction without the stuffy formality. Our service is attentive and professional without being intrusive. The moderate noise level allows to conduct private conversations with discretion.

We bring our guests into a different world, with a very European touch.

We would like our guests to remember the unique experience and we offer them an excellent value for what we feature.”

Tell us what some of your favorite dishes are at Pied à Terre?

“Our foie gras appetizer is so unique, as well as the flavors of our lobster! Everything is made with a unique twist, innovative flare and flavor. We are as attentive to our guests, as to the quality of the products we use.”

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