Don’t Forget These On Your Travels

Traveling is always a journey especially when trying to get to a gate at an airport. But during that journey there are some things a traveler must not forget to…well get.
Reading Material 

This will save you when your phone is on low battery and you are on your flight or simply delayed. Many planes now have a USB charger forking flights but you definitely don’t want to risk being bored on a flight and unable to sleep. 

Something To Snuggle

Speaking of sleep, you’ll want to bring a neck pillow or a pillow that folds out to a blanket. For long flights the airline does provide a pillow and a blanket but I would not suggest using it if it’s not wrapped in plastic. 

Primping Gear 

Just because you are traveling, it doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy. Yes it’s hectic but some small steps may help a whole lot. Grab some mascara, lip gloss, a travel size brush and a small tube of oil perfume. Voila! You have the essentials to look decent on your travels. 

Extra ID 

It’s something you may miss but you never know what may happen with your passport. Just in case, always keep another government issued ID on hand.