Lean In Together


The first thing you see when you log into #LeanInTogether’s website is…
“Women accomplish amazing things when we support each other.”

Y? Because when women help other women, we ALL benefit. The goal of the Lean IN organization is to help women celebrate one another, by promoting each others accomplishments and hence lifting up one another’s spirits. We can do more, if we do it together, we can change the world. Let’s #LeanInTogether!

LeanIn.Org is a private operating nonprofit organization, which was founded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in March 2013. Sandberg’s goal to empower women to achieve their ambitions, acts as the inspiration fueling the #LeanIn online community, which has merged into expert lectures, Lean In Circles (small peer groups who meet regularly to share and learn together), over 500+ Partners and the bestselling book, Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead.

LeanIn.Org community has grown to over 800,000 women and men and more than 28,000 Lean In Circles in over 140 countries.

Sheryl Sandberg’s female-empowerment messaging with #leanintogether, is aimed advancing women’s rights, even offering tips to men to further promote equality whether in the workplace or at home.

From Eva Longoria and Selena Gomez to ‘The Rock’, Hollywood celebrities and politicians alike are becoming involved in #LeanIn and helping to promote the organization’s mission. This is way beyond just being a trending #Hashtag Y? Because they are truly getting to the core of humanity and person-to-person involvement. Change is not created overnight, it is a functionality that each and every one of us has to take part in to truly see the change transpire.

Our Y Life Millennial mission is congruent to #LeanInTogether — because we love to inspire women across the globe to be the best version of themselves they can be, to live out their dreams and fulfill their passion for potential. We believe that female equality is a challenge we must overcome right here at home and spread that same self-awareness to every corner of the globe, because as women we all deserve the opportunity to shine.

So in the words of Sandberg herself, remember that ‘when women #LeanInTogether we accomplish great things!

Take on the #LeanInTogether Challenge, Here!