Don’t Be A Jerk While Traveling 

Don’t be a jerk while traveling. It’s a simple request but a not so simple task for some people. 
You might read that and say “That’s not me,” but guess what you might be doing something considered rude by other traveler and not even realize it. 

So please for the sake of becoming a better traveling community, make sure you’re not doing some of these big travel faux peauxs! 
Push It Only To A Salt n Pepa Song

Make sure whatever you do, whether you’re in a rush or not, do not push people with your body, your luggage or that random straggling bag. You’re not light as a deranged and even if you were, it would still be rude.  

Don’t Overpack 

Don’t be that person with a million bags on the flight or train. If you can’t carry it by yourself and constantly need to ask others around you to help push you along, then don’t have it at all. Those around you will appreciate it if you are not bothering them on their travels. 

It’s Not A Sunday Stroll 

Be aware of others travel plans and maybe if they are in hurry. Do not stroll around the airport or station while others are trying to make it to their departure gate. Get out of the way.

Don’t Be The Loudest Person

Do not be the loudest person on the train or flight. You are not far away from other travelers and whatever you need to say can be done so at a normal volume. No one else needs to hear your conversation. You can yell when you get into your hotel room. 

Bigger Is Not Always Better 

Big items are meant to go in your checked luggage. Do not try to lug them on the plane with you. It just slows everyone down including you.