Can You Say.. Guava?!



Sometimes in life, all you’re seeking is a quick and easy dessert that you can prepare on a Sunday night for friends and family, right?

You know what I mean, something where you don’t have to slave for hours over the Mixer and Oven baking endless rounds of cookies or frosting cupcakes. Well, this is one ‘Easy Peasy’ recipe that is inspired by our Cuban- American familial roots and is so simple.. BUT, it will leave everyone asking for seconds!

Guava Pastry Puffs…

On a Baking Sheet roll out a container of Crescent Rolls


1 in. Slice of Guava

1 in. Slice of Low- Fat Cream Cheese

Roll- Up the Crescent Rolls 

Beat 1 Egg White & Brush atop the Crescent Rolls

Sprinkle with Raw Turbanado Sugar


400′ Degrees for 10 – 15 Minutes

Serve HOT from the Oven…

The Guava and Cheese will Melt In Your Mouth!