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Celebrating Love seems to be an overwhelming sentiment this week throughout our nation and the world, sometimes things happen in life that remind us how precious every moment is and how we should never let not one moment pass us by without reminding the people around us, how much we LOVE them.

We couldn’t help but to get caught up in the revelry surrounding Wedded Bliss after speaking to Wedding Stylist Sophia E. earlier in the week. So at The Y Life  we decided, we had no choice but to delve a little deeper into one of the trends we discussed with the Bridal Whisperer herself…

Destination Weddings and Honeymoons!

It seems everywhere you turn these days someone is getting married, running off on their honeymoon or planning on reproducing and taking that one last amazing trip with their person, before they become a ‘Party Of 3’!

So we rang up another expert, Travel Agent Elsa Duarte, to share her 411 on everything travel related when it comes to LOVE and she gave us the inside scoop on everything we need to know from Destination Wedding Tips to travel planning on a budget!

Travel Tips with Travel Agent Elsa Duarte … Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialist

Y are Destination Weddings so appealing?  

-Intimate Guest ListWhether the number of guests is as few as 10 or as many as 150, the experience will be an intimate, bonding and memorable one for all guests.  Unlike the typical 4 hour reception, a Destination Wedding offers you the ability to really celebrate the marriage with family and friends for a few days….a 3 day party! 

Stress Free PlanningWhile working with a Destination Wedding Specialist you can select your destination and resort, customize an all-inclusive wedding package for the ceremony, reception, weekend events, make all travel arrangements for the bride and groom as well as all their guests’ travel packages and more.  One source less stress!

Is it true that Millennials considering a ‘Destination Wedding’ can actually save A LOT of $?

“Yes, especially for weddings outside of the U.S. The cost of a Destination Wedding is typically lower than a stateside wedding, with many extra value added features that you will not get at home.”

What are the most popular ‘Destination Wedding’ locations?

“Riviera Maya in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and for the bigger budgets, Italy.”

‘Destination Weddings’ are more than just a one night event, they evolve into multi-day events, how do you strategize that with Bride & Groom?

“Once the resort is selected, we decide on optional pre and post wedding events that I recommend such as: ‘Welcome Cocktail Party’ on the day of guests’ arrival.  This is usually an informal gathering with local musicians and a signature drink.

We can arrange for beach front activities for guests such as a volleyball game and/or spa day for the girls in the bridal party while the groomsmen go on a fishing, snorkeling or golf outing. I always recommend a morning after the wedding group breakfast where the bride and groom can say their farewells to the guests.”

Honeymoon… What are the top destinations for Honeymoons?

“Hawaii is still the #1 destination that my couples request… but with Costa Rica, Italy and some of the Caribbean islands as close 2nd.  Thailand is also very popular!”

How are Millennials discovering new ways to still have a beautiful wedding and also be able to afford a cool Honeymoon?

“The most popular idea to have sprung up in the past few years is, a ‘Honeymoon Registry’.  Works similar to a PayPal account where the guest simply… “gift”- a certain amount that goes toward the honeymoon.”  

Is there a way to have a cool Honeymoon on a budget? 

“Absolutley!  Going off season to some of the most popular destinations can really save $. 

For instance, if the couple is looking for a Tropical honeymoon, they should stay away from the winter months when most tropical destinations are almost double the cost.”


Last but not least… ‘BabyMoons’ obviously they come after the Wedding… Most of the time! What are some top BabyMoon destinations? 

“While all-inclusive resorts are very popular for ‘Honeymooners’, in my experience, ‘Babymooners’ are more interested in European travel to places like Italy, Greece, France and even European cruises.”

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Happy Travels!