A Lapse In Connection 

It’s a short circuit – a fuse with a bad connection- a wire that doesn’t quite reach. 

What is it? A disconnection of empathy in our generation. 

The acts against each other like youth on youth crime, cyberbullying and shaming among other things appear to be a product of a number things. One of them, in my humble opinion, seems to be this disconnect. 

Half of our time we’re looking at some screen, video, text message, snap, etc. Our life is lived at the edge of a keyboard whether digital or physical.

Ever wondered how that affects our thought, what we thinking things, our empathy and compassion? 

Our constant connection to technology is leading us to a very emotionally disconnected society. 

We are all the same and should treat everyone with respect and dignity, but how many people in our generation can say they’ve always done it? 

No, this isn’t the end all when it comes to society’s problems but it is a branch of it. 

Do you want to look out when you’re 80 and be regretful you hadn’t lifted your eyes off the screen to enjoy the view? 

Well you still have a chance to change that and connect with other people instead of starring down at your phone. 

Don’t add to the disconnect – just connect.