Lolli and Pops 4 Me & 4 U!

Y u MUST check this out…

Lolli and Pops is the epitome of a vintage candy shop and it lives up to each and every expectation you have for it!

Headquartered in San Francisco the now chain is spreading its magic in every new city it sweetens up!

Even their mission statement is perfect… A ‘collection of candy stores with a simple goal: to make the world sweeter.’ 

You see, their stores are unique, because they feature a collection of sweet concoctions from across the globe, including: chocolate from Madagascar, sour belts from Spain, and sodas from Japan.

They source their sweets from local artisans, and sometimes the sweets may only be avail for a limited time, because the producers change batch size and availability daily.

They have a fine collection of sweets, which will make you crave sugar in new ways you never thought possible! Because many of the candies may have vintage inspiration, Lolli and Pops hopes to stir up memories and bring smiles to the child inside us all.

You are indulging in something, which is so much more than just sugar… It’s a treat, because of the truly special experience you will experience!

(Yes, I said experience twice!) 

To check out Lolli and Pops, Click Here

XoX, L.