Let Go…

“…we’ve got to let go of all of our ghosts, we both know we ain’t kids no more… 

…I’m giving you up, I’m forgiving it all, you set me free…”


Just a few days ago British musical sensation Adele, released her latest single ‘Send My Love’ … At first I assumed the lyrics to stand for a relationship between two people, as would most people, right? 

Then I started to put different phrases to new context and I was blown away by the inferences to many parts of our lives that I was able to derive. 

The one I valued most… ‘Letting Go’… Maybe it’s because the ability to ‘Let Go‘ is not one which had come easy to my nature. Resignation is quite difficult for me, but there is a point with everything in life, where you honestly don’t have a choice and ‘Letting Go‘ is the most worthwhile option! 

How does anyone just ‘Let Go‘ ?!

It’s all about perspective, you need to shift your perspective, in order to better realize the detriment you are unconsciously objectifying towards your own life. 

Take A Deep Breath. 

Now… say goodbye, cry, be hurt and LET GO!