Conversation Pieces.

Conversation Piece


 Definition :something new or unusual that gives people a subject to talk about

So statistically speaking Millennials may not be purchasing new homes, but instead PEW Research Center released a new study just this week, that Millennials are Home AGAIN!

For the first time on record, Millennials are living with their parents more than ever! In fact, this living arrangement is now the MOST common for Millennials (18 to 34), according to new data by the Pew Research Center.

Nearly 1/3 of Millennials live with their parents; furthermore, it’s the first time that living at home, has outpaced living with a partner, for this age group since record-keeping began in 1880.

Y?! The sharp shift reflects the decline in marriage rates amongst Millennials, and is obviously amplified by the economic upheavals of the Great Recession, for which Millennials had to deal with.

A little Perspective… In 2000, only 23% of young adults were living with parents, but in 2014, the figure reached 32.1%

 Welcome Home Mom & Dad… And we bring some style with us too!

So if you are a Millennial now living at home again to save up your funds, Y not help Mom & Dad merge flawlessly into the Modern Age with some little touches and improvements, that can take their old fashioned living quarters in a modern abode.

I simply cannot stress enough how vital it is to have conversation starters at your new home… Just a great coffee table book or your own miniature terrarium with succulents! Pinterest is a great place to gain some inspiration, but so is getting out into the world, maybe visit the nearest museum to your parents house or any cool boutique hotels in the area… they usually have amazing style, and you can snag up some of those ideas and replicate them on a Millennial budget, by shopping online or waiting for a great SALE!

As of late, ‘Book Stores’ are really great about offering speciality books with heavy discounts. Use That! It’s the perfect opportunity to save some $ and at the same time show initiative to your parentals… By purchasing little things here and there, to help them make improvements in the house, it will go a LONG way…. Trust!

Don’t forget to check out our The Y Life favorite home store… Home Goods! They have some of the BEST deals, that can save your wallet and simultaneously keep you in the good graces of your folks. Who knew living at home would be work, right?

Good Luck on Moving Back In with Mom & Dad!


The Y Life!