Summer Trends with Celeb Makeup Artist Marlena Robbins!

noun  make·up  \ˈmā-ˌkəp\
: the way in which something is put together or arranged
: substances (such as lipstick or powder) used to make someone’s face look more attractive

Today marks exactly one moth before we welcome in the Summer solstice and The Y Life could not be more excited for our 28th Summer in the Sun!

But before we get all wound up, there are just a few things us ladies NEED to take care of… Waxing, Toning, Tanning before Tanning, Bathing Suits and well Makeup of course!

How could we let you Millennials start your next Summer fling without some fitting tips from professionals on how to dust up that face and make it look perfectly bronzed this Summa, right?

And boy did we find just the perfect celebrity makeup artist out in LaLa Land to give us the scoop!

Marlena Robbins is a Los Angeles based Celebrity Makeup Artist with years of experience in the beauty industry. From movie sets and photo shoots, to red carpet premieres Marlena has been working in the entertainment industry, alongside the trend makers in beauty and she has used that knowledge she has gained along the way to further inspire her craft, which she considers to be more of an art form than anything else.

Marlena strives to always share something with her clients, which is so much deeper than just makeup, she hopes they walk out into the world with the confidence to go out and be the best version of themselves they can be and for that we love her THAT much more!

When we caught up with Marlena this week, we had to know what MUST HAVE makeup trends, would be trending this Summer…

Marlena, Summer is just around corner and Makeup trends, are now a MUST know … What’s hot this Summer in the world of Makeup?

“Color! But color done in a subtle way. Such as, if you want to wear color on your eyes, you may want to just stick with a colored eyeliner or even a colored mascara. 

Bright lips are also always a good choice for Summer. Even Deep Burgundy/Wine Lips paired with super glowing skin and soft eyes can be a beautiful option for a fun Summer night out!”

There are some Classic Trends every Y woman needs to know… What are your favorite Classic Makeup Trends?

“To me, skin is always in! Makeup always looks best when it goes on top of pretty skin. Having a good skin care routine day and night will only enhance the quality and appearance of makeup.”

What are your 5 Favorite Makeup products for Summer… Any MUST Haves that NO female should be without?

“First, Sunscreen…whether it’s in your foundation or all on its own. No woman should be without it ever, especially in Summer when you and the sun are out! 

Second, Smith Rosebud Salve….not only does it smell amazing, it makes the lips feel and look incredible! 

Third, Stila’s Perfect Me/Perfect Hue Makeup Palettes…they are great for your makeup bag when heading out of town on a Summer getaway because it has eye shadow, blush and even a highlighter all in one compact! 

Fourth, Embryolisse Moisturizer…it makes the skin feel super hydrated and leaves it with an effortless glow! 

Fifth, Loreal Voluminous Mascara…it leaves any lashes looking like you paid for false ones with a fraction of the cost! And it comes waterproof which is perfect for those Summer days spent at the beach or by a pool!”

Why is it that Makeup, can make women feel better about their appearance?

“Makeup has the ability to enhance features that are already beautiful on any woman. Once enhanced, those features give women a sense of great confidence.”

Let’s be honest, some women are afraid of applying makeup the ‘wrong’ way, having too much, or not having enough— what advice do you share with Millennial women who may have some of those fears when it comes to makeup?

Makeup should be fun, whether you’re sticking with current trends or you just want to wear whatever you like. Even if it’s not in the latest fashion magazines, enjoy the process of not only putting it on but wearing it.

Makeup is an art which means there is no right or wrong way to do it. 

If you love it and you feel great wearing it, that’s all that matters.”

Marlena is 100% correct Y’s, Do You!

Follow that, with whatever beauty trend makes you feel most beautiful and special, because that is precisely the one you should be applying! After all, that is Y makeup was created… a substance that is put together or arranged to make someone look and feel their best!

Personally, I am quite simple when it comes to my makeup, I enjoy a fresh clean look, add in a little bronzer (Shhh… I use Stila Cosmetics, it’s my favorite too!), some sun kissed rose blushed checks, a simple mascara and a tinge of gloss and I am ready to go!

Don’t forget to have some fun in the sun this Summer!


To connect with Marlena, Click Here & follow her on Instagram @BeautybyMarlena for her latest tips!