Top High Clutter Spots In Your Home

Simple. Get rid of the things you do not use. It’s a simple rule but a daunting task that all of us at one point has to go through. 

Before you find yourself wandering aimlessly around your home, there are some specific spots that may be the route of all your clutter.

That Spot Under The Sink 

You know that spot! It has all that random stuff you don’t know where else to put or packed with cleaning supplies. Get rid of whatever you don’t need. 

Spice Cabinet 

Check for expiration dates! Write down the spices you need! Don’t wait until you’re cooking to figure this out.

Under Your Bed  

It’s that dark place where all your single socks go and where you hide clutter and forget about it! Check under there and see what treasures you find. 

Behind The Door 

Get rid of the dust behind the door along any other clutter you might have there.