Top Tips To Not Blow Up 

A long week may have left you a bit on edge, but it never helps to take it out on someone else! It’s happened to all of us even here at The Y Life. 

To avoid blowing up, here are some helpful tips we’ve tried out. 

Count to 10 

The Ol’ count to ten routine! It’s been tried and true! There’s a reason it’s been used for so long! 

Step Away 

The step away may be the best save you have! We are not saying run away but take a momen, maybe go to the bathroom and splash water on your face or just step outside. Give yourself a moment to cool off and think. 

Talk To The Hand 

No. I am not saying raise your hand and say talk to it! We are not in grade school. I am saying however for you to tell the person to pause and that you will revisit the subject when you are both calmer. It’s the adult version of talk to the hand. 

Pull Out The Lifeline Card 

Call your bestie and vent it out! She or he might have some sage advice!