The Mosquitos R Coming…


Y Natural Remedies 2 Deter Mosquitos, Might Be Your Best Bet.   
With Summer on the horizon, ZIKA is expected to spread quickly! 
ZIKA’s spreading fast across Central and South America and health officials say there will certainly be cases and probably limited outbreaks in the United States once the weather gets warmer and mosquitoes start to get really active. 
YFact: More than 400 cases of ZIKA have already been brought into the U.S. by travelers and the virus is not letting up, it has spread widely throughout the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 
Besides causing birth defects in the unborn children of pregnant women infected with the virus, ZIKA can also cause paralyzing conditions, linked to Guillain-Barre syndrome, in adults.
Just today, the U.S. Senate has agreed on a bipartisan compromise deal, which gives President Barack Obama more than half the $1.9 Billion he asked Congress for, to help fight the ZIKA Emergency. The deal announced today, would allocate $1.1 billion in emergency funding to help states, especially those most susceptible to an outbreak (Florida, Texas, Louisiana etc.) prepare for ZIKA.  When mosquito season arrives this Summer it is expected to have similar devastating effects it has already had throughout much of South America and the Caribbean. This compromise will come to vote next week in the form of an amendment to a spending bill. 
The question I keep hearing from concerned citizens is… How can I protect myself from mosquitos?  
If you are like me, there is simply nothing worse than that rancid smell of citronella and bug sprays, which cause incessant sneezing left and right. Did you know Mosquitos are attracted to lactic acid, ammonia, carboxylic acid, and octenol (present in human breath and sweat)… that means those little monsters known as Mosquitoes are drawn to carbon dioxide, which we naturally emit ALL THE TIME! 
It seems like a dead end, right? Maybe not so fast… 

YTips 2 Make Your Environment Safer Against Mosquitos:

Drain Standing Water—Mosquitoes need water to breed, drain all sources of standing water around your house. This includes outdoor pet bowls, gutters, garbage or recycling bins, bird baths, etc. 

Dress Light— If you wear light colored, loose fitting clothing, with long sleeved shirts and pants, you can better protect your body from the little critters, while you are out and about this Summer. 

Protect Yourself—Commercial repellents are available and so are some home remedies, but this year I am protecting myself by trying out some natural alternatives because of allergies! 

Homemade Repellent Recipe:
10-25 Drops of Essential Oil (Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon Eucalyptus & Citronella)
2 Tbps. Vegetable Oil
1 Tbps. Aloe Vera Gel
Combine and blend the ingredients in a glass jar. Dab a few drops on your skin, especially on your pressure points, for example Wrists, Neck, Ankles, Behind Knees & Ears! 

Natural Repellent Tips:
  • Lavender: When the flower is rubbed on the skin, the lavender oil placed on your pulse points… this is  considered an effective homemade remedy! Yup you heard right, Lavender has analgesic & antiseptic qualities, which not only prevent mosquito bites (because they can’t stand the scent), Lavender also calms & soothes your skin. NATURALLY!
  • Thyme Oil: When it comes to repelling malarial mosquitoes, Thyme Oil is one of the best protectors. YTip: Make a spray, mix 5 drops of Thyme Oil with 2 ounces of water and spritz!
  • Lemon Eucalyptus: L.E. has been found to be quite effective. In fact, in a 2014 Australian study… A mixture of 32% Lemon Eucalyptus oil provided more than 95% protection for three hours.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Another at home mix is Tea Tree Oil & water, which you can also use to spray around & prevent the little monsters from roaming into your home.
  • Vitamin B1: When you know you will be spending a lot of time in the outdoors, take an extra dose of Vitamin B1. Y? Mosquitos are not fans of extra B Vitamin in the Blood, it has Thiamin!
  • WHITE: Wear the color “white” when outside as much as possible. In case you didn’t know, Mosquitoes stay away from this color, so it is one fashionable way to stay Mosquito FREE this Summer!
  • Garden Plants: Make your Garden Mosquito FREE! If you plant mosquito repelling plants near your door way and around your garden, you can actively use your garden to repel Mosquitoes! Plants that repel are: Mint (especially Pennyroyal Mint), Basil, Catmint, Lavender, Rosemary, Marigold, Vanilla scented Geraniums, Garlic, Lemon Balm and Citronella Plants!