Organ Donation.

Are you an organ donor?
These questions have to be the most uncomfortable questions to EVER ponder upon…
What happens to me when I die?
Do I need to write a Living Will… A Will?
What happens to my body when I die? 
Organ donation is when healthy organs and tissues are taken from one person, who in many cases has perished, for transplantation into another person who is in dire need for this organ. Experts say that organs from one donor can help as many as 8 lives! Internal organs, you can donate: Kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas, intestines, lungs and skin. 
Did you know that there are 120,000 people on the transplant waiting list?
More than 108,000 of them are awaiting a Kidney transplant and 15,000 need lung transplants.   
Donating organs, eyes and tissue are all part of a life-and-death matter, and it is a rippling domino effect, because your families loss, can actually, bring hope to many other families, when your donation saves one of those hundreds of thousands of lives. 
As a donor you don’t have to be in perfect health, you can be of any age, race or ethnicity. But what is important, is to let your family know, that you have taken the steps to become a donor and by doing so, you understand that although your families loss is heart wrenching, the good your donation makes, outweighs any worries. fYi… There is a special need for donors from minority populations!  
What does it take to become an Organ Donor?
The primary consideration for The OPO (Organ Procurement Organization) and transplant team, would be the condition that the organs and tissue are in, if there are active cancer cells and/or systemic infection present, those are a few of the health concerns that will halt someone’s organs from being donated to someone else in need. 
I always wondered if taking your organs out and repurposing them, would leave the body of the person perished in pain, or would it make them any less whole?… 
Thing is, then I started to realize the incisions are surgically sewn shut after the surgeons remove the organs and tissue, since the person’s physical body has already stopped working and it is not possible for their spirit to ever use that body as a vehicle again… sharing a part of someone you love, to help save the life of someone else, is actually quite a beautiful way to close a chapter of life. Don’t you think?
Across most of the United States, you can register as a donor online at the United Network for Organ Sharing, it’s a simple process that takes less than ten minutes and all you need is your state driver’s license information and if you really wanted to save time, you could always wait until you renew your license and you can just check the box for Organ Donation!
In closing… Having that discussion with your family and making sure they are aware of your wishes is quite important. You must remember that this will be a very difficult time for your loved ones and you wouldn’t want to cause them additional distress or confusion during this emotional time… So make sure the people around you, that love you, know your stance!
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