Yspiration: Ways To Make It Work 

Prepping for the week may not be the thing you want to do the most right now, but we all have to do it. 

Despite that there might be some loose ends that need tying up. Some of them might be easy. Some of them might be hard but it the end we hope you make it work. 

If you feel like you can’t make a certain problem or issue work, here’s how.  

1. Make a plan 

Sit down and be honest with yourself. What can you do to make whatever it is work? What could be a possible solution? If you can’t think of one, ask someone you trust and see if may be they have a solution. Once you have some options, plan it out and try to. Stick to the plan. 

2. Stick To It

If you really want this problem or issue solved, make sure to stick with the plan and keep pushing yourself to solve it. Keep yourself motivated. 

3. The Last Stretch 

Talking about keeping yourself motivated, don’t let bumps on the way slow you down. Know that those bumps might mean headway in a solution.

4. Try Again

If your first solution didn’t work, try something else. A wise person once said, if you can define the problem correctly , you already have the solution. Breaks your problem or issue down again and see if you can look at it another way. 

5. Reach It 

Getting to the point where u have solved that issue or problem is amazing! We’re rooting for you here at The Y Life.