Top Netflix Shows For Foodies 

Whether you’re out finishing off an extra long happy hour or at home relaxing your way into the weekend, Netflix and chill can always be an option this weekend. 

If you feel like it, even tonight! That’s why we’ve combed through some shows … You know for research purposes and found some great shows for foodies! 


Food writer Michael Pollan looks at how cooking has shaped our lives and transforms what we eat. The amazing shots and insight keep things interesting and helps you look at cooking in a whole new light. 

Chef’s Tables 

Jump into the minds of various chefs around the world and follow them as they perform their craft. There is nothing better for foodies! 

Parts Unknown 

This CNN show can also be watched on Netflix and they have all the seasons! Follow Anthony Bourdain through his various eating adventures and interactions with cultures around the world. Just take your pick as to where you want to join him! 

For Grace

First off, it’s not a show but it is a different perspective from the rest of the options. This 5-star rated documentary follows Chef Curtis Duffy as he tries to open his own restaurant while also facing his past demons. It’s a glimpse at the inner struggle and the rawness of the restaurant industry and the people behind it.