GenY Woes 

The Y generation is still growing up. Some are having families. Some of us are still in school. One thing we all have in common is that we have woes at times. 

I’m not saying we complain all the time but there are some things that should and do distress our generation. Not all of us might be worried about them but many of us do. Some of them may affect us in the short term and have solutions but others could even affect the next generations. 

Black Communtiy V The Police 

This has been a huge issue in our generation – that tension between police and certain members of the black community. They’re issues which have prompted movements like Black Lives Matter and Yes We Code. It’s an issue we want to see solved but with work on both sides. 

Body Image Issues 

Such an emphasis on body image is making people go through great lengths, sometimes at the cost of their health, to look perfect. This spans all sexes and has affected past generations. But how great would it be if we could put an end to self hatred and body image issues. Let’s try. 

Same-Sex Marriage 

The battle over the definition of marriage has gone through the court system on a federal  and state level and it has torn apart communities. One side says marriage is between a man and a woman. The other side says everyone should be allowed to marry whether they’re gay or straight. It’s an issue that is still up in the air in many states. Can’t we all just get along?

Climate Change

What will the earth look like for our next generation? Did we do everything we could to keep this planet clean and running for them or did we and other generations run it to the ground? While the Paris agreement is a great push, we as a generation need to work on a local level as well to help slow climate change. 

It’s a dilemma that is very specific to our tech savvy generation. In the past kids would get bullied in school and go home. Now, it’s an around the clock situation. The hateful messages tearing down someone else, while social media could be used for something positive. 

While these are not all the issues, others remain like the threat of hackers and the debate on medical marijuana, among others. 

Every generation has their issues but what should be different is how much we do in ours to solve our issues. 

We here at The Y Life will do our part and hope you will too.