Option 3 Please!


I happened to come across this post on the Internet and as I read it twice- over, I realized not only was I option 3, but so were most other Millennial women who had chosen to pursue their careers after college. 

It’s a fact of life, it’s not good or bad, negative or positive, it just IS

Disclaimer: The Y Life is a NO judgement zone, no matter what path you chose, we love you for it! 

Y was I so connected to this post at this point in my life you ask? Well, it’s simple… I am Single, not Taken, but I am actually so much more than a word that defines me, because of what I mean to someone else, instead of what I mean to MYself. That is Y I am Option 3. 

I am Finding and Healing MYself, by Loving MYself. I am showing comPASSION at every turn, staying FIT by eating healthy… Being open to Meeting new people, by saying yes to new opportunities, but harvesting the always Growing Friendships that I have already cultivated… And at every turn, I am mentally photographing the moments that consist of the album of my lYfe, by etching the memories into MY inner book of truth. 

The day I turned 25, it was like my paradigm of life shifted on it’s axel and I was discerned with the task, of discovering ME. I had been plagued by the Millennial bout of confusion and disarray into the endless figments of my future dreams, but in terms of reassessing my purpose,understanding the importance of loving myself, was the best thing that ever happened to me. 

I didn’t take on a role that I wasn’t prepared for. I waited and concentrated on Option 3 and although I might still be waiting for Option 2, I took a risk at defining myself and discovering the nuances that make me special. The ones that allow me to shine, just for being me, without having to rely on the definition of someone else’s expectations of ME.

Something in my heart told me, that tonight was the perfect night to share this with each and everyone of you. Here is the key, whether you happen to be Option 1 or 2, don’t forget to focus on Option 3 from time to time. If you stop picking Option 3, you stop fighting for YOU and no one deserves to ever stop believing or fighting for the prospect of their future’s fullest potential. 

Don’t discriminate against yourself, embrace the beauty in discovering the MY in MYself. 

XOX, The Y Life