Y’s are Kooky for Cookies!


The day my world went Kooky for Cookie Dough… 

It’s hard for most people to understand the world of allergies and the struggle of reorganizing your life to suit a food allergy diagnosis… And it becomes increasingly more difficult, when the world around you takes time to catch up! 

When I was 19 years old, I was diagnosed with quite a few allergies and since then eating has become a willful task. Y?! Because the extra gooey, crunchy, sweet and yummy filled foods you can find yourself indulging in on cheat days are ALWAYS off my radar. 

When it comes to food, if it’s not fresh fruits and vegetables, eating becomes an arduous task of discovering what oil the dish was cooked with, what spices was it prepared with and then there is… Does it have Gluten???? 

So you would not be surprised at my excitement when I discovered that SO Delicisous has now debuted Dairy Free Coconut Milk Gluten Free Cookie Dough Frozen dessert! 

Yes, you read right, it’s practically free of most contaminents — although Coconut and Soy are listed as possible allergen threats… We are talking NO Dairy, NO Nuts & NO Gluten …. Oh, did I mention it’s delicious too? 

I know what you are thinking… How many calories does this Coconut ice cream have? It’s not an apple people! It’s plenty fatty, but heck so is authentic creamy cow’s milk ice cream, right? 


SO Delicious has created a Vanilla base blend that is flavorful and bursting with texture from the chocolate shavings, which melt on your tongue, that you won’t even think twice while indulging! Then in that same instant you  bite into a chunk of cookie dough and are transported back to your childhood, munching on frozen yogurt from TCBY, sprinkled with raw cookie dough… And once again your world gleams with joy! 

It had been about 8 years since I had indulged in such a simple, yet delicious, American tradition and I couldn’t be more excited about sharing my discovery with each and every one of you! 

So this week, when you go grab some last minute groceries, make sure to go through the frozen foods section and snag up a pint! 

XoX, The Y Life