GM Recall…


In case you hadn’t heard… YNews: General Motors is recalling over a million of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks WORLDWIDE!

Y? It has been reported that the seat belts inside these vehicles may not hold the driver during a crash.

The recall, which was announced earlier today, covers 1.04 million newer 2014 and 2015 model 1500 pickup trucks. The Silverado is GM’s top-selling vehicle, while the Sierra ranks No. 3, both are now stipulated to be potentially unsafe for a seat belt flaw.
It has become apparent that a steel cable, which connects the belts on board have the ability to bend when a driver sits in the seats and as they can wear off over time, they can separate causing the belts to come loose.
GM said they had discovered the problem, while analyzing warranty data, and although there are no reports of crashes tied to the cables, it has been noted that the problem arises rarely with trucks used by businesses, in which drivers frequently enter and exit.
The car mogul has also asked dealers to stop selling new 2014 and 2015 trucks, which is about 3,000 trucks, until the cables are repaired. By enlarge an opening and installing a bracket on the cable tensioner, or replacing the tensioner, they are planning to fix all of the worrisome trucks.
Most of the trucks in question, are in the U.S. and Canada, but some are in Latin America and the Middle East. But, GM said the United States recall includes 895,232 vehicles.
If you are worried about your car being in question, call your dealership or log onto the GM website and compare your vin numbers against those of the vehicles in question.
Be Safe… Remember to ‘Click It Or Ticket!’