National Siblings Day.



noun / sib·ling \ˈsi-bliŋ\

: a brother or sister

: also : one of two or more individuals having one common parent

: one of two or more things related by a common tie or characteristic <the sedan’s smaller sibling>


According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary   a Sibling is someone who connected to another human, by a common characteristic or trait that ties them together. Sometimes they happen to come from the same biological parentals, other times they are connected through spirit and today honors both of those types of relationships.

April 10th is National Sibling’s Day!

You see, since 1998, 49 states have officially issued proclamations to recognize siblings. Although having started in America, the day has become internationally recognized, to as far as India and Australia.

Y Did You Know? 79% of all children in The United States have siblings.

Today’s holiday is meant to be a day of reminiscing, on the love and memories shared by the relationship between brothers and sisters, which many people recognize, by posting pictures of their siblings online!

So today we say, love those who will always be ready to hold your hand through the good times and the bad… Even if they are just a soul sister or brother, hold their love dear and near!

XoX, The Y Life