Ways To Get Your S*%# Together

So if you’re a millennial or any generation in fact, you’ve had that moment. 

You know the THAT moment when you reach a point and you say to yourself “Wow I really need to get my stuff together.”  Exchange an s word or two Jaja. 

Well, even at The Y Life we have that moment or those moments. 

But luckily there is ALWAYS a solution. It won’t be quick but here are some steps to take. 

Calendar Your Life 

Jot down bills, parties, events, etc. Basically anything you can think of that you need to plan. This will help you see all of the “stuff” you need to get done or plan for. 

Get Your Financials In Order 

Make a budget and stick with it! Plan what money is coming in and what money is coming out. Make sure the money coming in is more than the money going out. 

Get Rid Of Toxicity

Make sure anything or anyone around you is positive as in an addition to your life. If it’s not then it’s out! And it will stay out!  

Clean It Out 

Get rid of clutter or anything that is taking up space in your house. Getting rid of clutter will help you feel less stressed on your home and create a sense of peace. It will also just make your place look better! 

Have Some Fun 

After all that hard work, make sure to give yourself some love and pampering or at least a night out!