Top Political Buff Shows

No doubt the words presidential election has crossed your sight whether it’s in the new paper or in print or or on TV or simply in conversation. 

The point is, it’s there in your face. For some this might mean torture, but for someone who is into it, it’s heaven.

So for those who are complete political junkies, there are some shows that will help give them that FIX. 

The Circus on Showtime 

Follow the candidates behind the scenes and get a peek at what political analysts are saying. This is a great show for the behind the scenes angle. 

House of Cards on Netflix 

Follow fictional character Frank Underwood as he shows the bright lights and dark side of politics. There’s drama, sex and plotting! 

Veep on HBO 

This is for a comedy fix mixed with Curb Your Enthusiasm comedy! Julia Louis-Dreyfus makes the show with her corky personality mixed with bitch attitude. 

Scandal on ABC 

Sex, crime, love triangles and politics. All this in the White House where Olivia Pope is the fixer! Follow her kick ass attitude through each client and controversy.  Don’t forget it’s fictional!