Happy Easter from The Y Life


Y does Easter Matter?!

During the Easter Sermon at The First United Methodist Church of Coral Gables today @theylife gathered up some interesting facts of life.

Easter ushers the power of announcing God’s power to the world. Day in and day out Faith weaves our fears together – the resurrection of Jesus then brings the power of hope, along with the eternal message of life everlasting into our lives.

The mysteries of Faith… Are what make having Faith even possible. That is precisely what brings us to the second reason, as to Y Easter matters, preached my Pastor, because it celebrates a new way of living. 

The thing about God is… He is ‘like a father‘, always looking into the horizon for his children. When one of those children gets lost in the quest of finding their truth and identity… God, like a father, will embrace them upon their return to him, even if they had forsaken him at a time.

After exclaiming the desire, to have each and every person using their lives for the purpose of serving others. He explained the 3rd reason as to Y Easter Matters… It is the final exclamation point!

The most sought after Biblical verse, John 3:16,  says… “God loved the world so much, that he GAVE his only son, that if you believeth in him, you will have everlasting life.” 

Easter is the ! in God’s unconditional love for us. He is always reaching, teaching, searching and waiting for us to turn our lives around—that verse and our Faith teaches us, that there is nothing we can do to turn God away. We are his children and he will do whatever it takes for his children to know we are loved.

He then posed the question … What does Easter mean to you? 

Because when you meet your Y in the road … what matters is, which course you choose to follow? 

God has said– I love you.. live in the light of God. 

If you too would like to visit The First United Methodist Church of Coral Gables, Click Here