Inter-National Puppy Day

Inter-National Puppy Day. 

March 23, 2016 marks the 10th Anniversary of National Puppy Day … Officially kicking off in 2006, it was created by Author Colleen Paige to celebrate the unconditional love only  puppies can bring into our lives. 

It’s magically really, and precisely the reason Dogs are called man’s best friend, because they never leave or forsake you, and all they do is supply endless amounts of love. This is precisely Y today is such an important day, because it’s a day to help save puppies across the world who don’t have loving humans in their lives and to help educate the public about the dangers of puppy mills.

This international holiday has a mission of helping to improve the lives of animals from sea to shining sea.

In fact, here is one thing you may not have know about puppies… The Department of Homeland Security shared a sweet Tweet today, thanking puppies for all of their hard work…  

The Y Life, sends a BIG Thank You to all the hard working puppies and dogs out there making a difference to keep us safe and loved! 

Give your puppy some love today…

XoX, The Y Life 

Get more information on International Puppy Day by, Clicking HERE