Sundayspiration: Start Monday Right

With the weekend wrapped up… too soon as it always does, we’ve got to soldier on and make the best of it! 

Part of it is making sure you start it right. 

Here’s how:  

Plan Your Week 

Make sure to plan significant events, meetings and bills so to map out your week and know what’s ahead. 

Get Your Stuff Together 

Whatever you need to walk out the door with on Monday morning, should be prepped and set out, ready to go. It will make your morning way smoother and less frustrating because you lost that portfolio you needed.

Clothes It Up 

Set out your clothes so you can look like your tip top self! It also cuts your morning prep time in half! 

Wind Down 

Wind down your weekend with some calming music, a book or a light-hearted film. It’s a nice way to transition.