Not To Do’s Before Bed

As you lay yourself down to sleep, you may pray for the Lord your soul to keep…Or not but the point is you’re getting to bed.

Part of it though is avoiding some major no nos before getting into bed. 

What are they? 

No Phone 

Get your mind off the phone with your milion texts and emails! None of those things will help you get some zzzz! 

Cold Showers 

You should actually opt for warm showers to relax your muscles. The cold water is more to wake you up. 


Do not exercise at least an hour before going to bed. Your workout may be good but not right before you need to calm down and relax. 

No Snacks 

If you find you’re still hungry, get to bed before snacking. Grabbing a bit before bed won’t help you or your figure. 

No Marathons 

Do not start that show you know you’ll get addicted to right before bed! You may end up regretting it hours later when you’re episodes in.