Organic Life’s Tara Mackey 1-on-1 with TYL on NEW book ‘Cured By Nature’

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Photo Cred: Tara Mackey’s Instagram

From Blogs to Books, the Tara Mackey empire, seems to be driven by her ‘Cured By Nature’ mission…
“How to heal from the inside out, find happiness and discover your true self.”

Tara combines her life story along with scientific, personal and spiritual knowledge in this book to better help her share her journey of overcoming one’s past, by revolutionizing one’s future with healthy and pure inspiration. The key is… Tara uses easily applicable tips and tricks to transform her life, then she teaches us, how we too can make those changes in our lives, to lead more emotionally and physically sustainable futures.
The Y Life caught up with Tara Mackey this past week, for a chat, on what makes her and her lifestyle so unique and enchanting to so many and we hope, you too will be as inspired as we were!

Tara, did writing this book, help you heal, during your own journey to finding your truth?

“Writing has always been very healing for me. I started writing when I was about 4, and have always loved it and used it as a therapy. It helped me tremendously in finding and exploring my own truths, since I had to explore my whole life, journey and choices.”

   What makes ‘Cured By Nature’ such a special book, and a MUST read for Millennials?

“The journey in Cured by Nature has never been told before, but the story is still so incredibly relevant to everyone’s life. Each and every one of us is affected by limiting beliefs, illnesses, pharmaceuticals, and feelings of being stuck or completely alone. What we hardly ever get, though, is answers to get out of those mindsets. Cured by Nature serves as a huge guidebook for those answers.”

  Tara, you’ve used your Organic Life Blog as a platform and outlet to share your story and goals to healing. If you were to share with us, what has been the most inspirational moment for you during this journey… Where you have seen your message make a difference in someone else’s life, what would it be?

“You know, every single day I am more and more blown away by how kind and wonderful people are about the things I’ve shared in my book and on The Organic Life blog, and how much they feel it’s touched them or feel like they relate in some way. Its amazing because for so long… I felt so alone. The fact that this message resonates with people and continues to make a difference every day is the most inspirational, rewarding part of all. It fascinates me. I was so convinced I was alone. I don’t want anyone else to think they’re alone, too.”

Having been a formal model, you are wholly aware of the emphasis ‘Industrialized Hollywood’ places on young men and women, to become this contorted version of ‘perfection’.
You put that aspect of your career aside, in order to lead a healthier life, can you share a bit of that part of your journey with us?

“The self-hate industry is a multi-billion dollar one, and it’s one of the hardest to escape. Once I realized that I was willfully putting myself in the position to be scrutinized every day, I knew I was headed down the wrong path, or at the very least, I was taking a super silly detour.

The modeling industry thrives on telling 99.9% of people who walk through the door “No.” I was done with hearing no. It wasn’t healthy for me, and truthfully it’s not healthy for a lot of young men and women who get into it. My managers and agents were barely invested in their own health: nevermind being invested in mine!

I left my agencies to focus on my mental, physical and spiritual health. Since leaving an 11 year modeling career, I have truly never felt better! Not only that, I’ve never had more consistent jobs, work and press – something I never expected – but it’s been a great byproduct of self-love. It’s amazing what you can do once you get out of your head and stop letting others define what you’re capable of!”


     Following your personal choice of omitting RX drugs from your life for natural cures, you have shared your belief in herbal remedies and natural cures. You also share your love for natural beauty products, because they heal, while making women look radiant… Do you have any favorite products, you simply cannot be without and Y?

“Yes! Organic and natural beauty products just work better for me, plus I don’t have to worry about any harmful side effects that can come with conventional beauty products. I adore Waxelene as a moisturizer – it’s a natural and organic petroleum jelly alternative (petroleum jelly contains crude oil – yuck!). I just love Waxelene for my whole body.

I also use organic olive oil as a body oil daily and for makeup I go to my collection with Gia MineralsThe Siren Collection. It’s organic, natural and totally flawless coverage. You can create so many beautiful looks! Some of my specific beauty favorites can be found on the shop on my blog: Click Here

Y do you feel herbal remedies and living a natural life, improves health and happiness?

“I’m living proof. I used to take RX drugs for EVERYTHING, and now I take absolutely no drugs for anything – after coming off of them completely 5 years ago. I’ve never felt better, happier or more alive.”

I’m also a former scientist who was OBSESSED with biology, so I’m super happy to be able to explain it for myself and others bio-chemically too. I’m really interested in learning and writing about how the body works, learns and adapts. Yogananda put it best when he said, “The earth supplies us with everything we need.” It’s so true. Everything you need to be healthy and well is already here for you.”

 Diet has such a meaningful impact on our lives, that old saying ‘What You Eat, Is What You Are’ is so true!
But… Eating a clean, plant based diet is an alternative lifestyle, which can seem difficult or even challenging
for many Millennials. What are some healthier lifestyle choices, our readers can make to help change their
future health right now?

“Meditation is a great one that only takes you 5 minutes to start and feel the effects. Making goal lists is another great one. For instance, today write down 5 healthy things you MUST do this year (like “Quit Coffee” or “Making Morning Smoothies.”) Make it a goal to work towards the first of those things by the end of the month! I think finding fun in the healthy habits is the best way to stick with them.”

 What is your hope, for how your book ‘Cured By Nature’ will inspire young people across the globe to change their lives and hence their lifestyles?

“My greatest hope is that people find their own truths and feel much less lost on their own wellness paths – knowing someone has been there, seen, fell over, got up, brushed themselves off and done that. My favorite part about Cured by Nature has been connecting with my readers – each of whom are becoming more and more of their true selves every day!”

To order your own copy of ‘Cured By Nature’, Click HERE