Yspiraion: Monday Motivation 

So you’re getting ready to hit the floor running today. 

Don’t forget to do it in a positive way by not missing these essential Monday morning rituals to get you going.

Hit The Shower 

For those of us who need a jolt, a nice cold shower on the a.m. gives you that kick you need to hit the floor running. 


If a cold shower isn’t your thing, then maybe something warm will do the trick – a cup of strong coffee. Don’t overdo it throughout the day but defiantly grab that cup in the merning. 

Work It Out 

If your schedule permits, try taking your Monday blues to the gym! Starting the day by literally hitting the floor running will help stave stress and tiredness. 

Hit The Sack Earlier 

For those of us who just naturally feel a lot more tired Monday morning, try hitting the sack earlier the day before as a way to ease you into the work week.