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Remember 2 Stay Golden! 

Minorities were referred to quite a few times during the 88th Annual Academy Awards… Over and over again the word ‘Diversity‘ stained the lips of many of Hollywood’s royal elite, but yet as I attempted to decipher the  Asian and Hispanic Actors walking on the Oscar stage to present awards and even receive nominations, they surmounted to less than a handful, including Directors and Cinematographers.

From personal experience, living and working out in Hollywood, I too can attest to the fact that diversity is not an easy feet to overcome. I may not be of color, but the fact that I come from a Hispanic family and have no color, meaning I am pretty ghostly, also left me in quite the pickle. I was simply not “believable” when it came to being cast in Hispanic roles, because I wasn’t “ethnic” looking enough!

True to thought on Spanish roles, that I would be auditioned for once in a blue moon… I who happen to have spoken and read Spanish before English, was questioned by a casting agent (in broken English, mind you) if I needed direction explained to me in English, because he was under the belief, I couldn’t have possibly spoken any language, BUT English, Oh no I must be caucasian!

So yes, the Oscar does need a bit more Diversity, but heck Hollwyood needs MORE diversity of all shapes, sizes and ethnic background in EVERY kind of movie. Especially when coming to grips with the belief that, not every ‘ethnically diverse‘ person, needs to fit some contorted view of a stereotype, their world has for particular nationalities or ethnicities.

Two other moments happened to catch my eye and heart during the award show…
When Gaga performed her survivor anthem for, after having been presented by Vice President Biden it was an awe-stopping moment to raise awareness for people who are being abused without their consent. Then when she was joined, by so many young men and women who had been abused in some way, shape or form, the message was so poignantly translated onto the screen, that it made us feel this undeserved pain. ‘Survivor‘, ‘It’s not your fault’, ‘It happened to me’ and Unbreakable‘ were just some of the inspirational catch phrases marking the forearms, of these brave people, who had been affected by abuse and were standing up to have their voices heard. You see, by bringing  their struggle and bravery to light, Gaga and the Academy potentially helped thousands of men and women, who have been abused, feel their lives truly have purpose. For that The Y Life thanks The Academy, Lady Gaga and the Vice President of the United States!

Last, but definitely not least… The moment we have all been waiting for since Leonardo DiCaprio was 19. Leo took the stage tonight to accept his first Oscar, and it was certainly worth staying up till midnight to watch. After 5 nominations throughout the span of his career, The Revenant marked lucky number 6 tonight! Leo is now an Oscar winner!! The Academy finally woke up and recognized his incredulous work, which throughout the decades, has transcended what actors have known to be the truth of the craft and art. He is a virtuoso in his field  and we could not be happier for him.

Congrats to Leo and Congrats to all the winners this evening!

XoX, The Y Life.