What’s Left?

In talking with an elderly woman – hearing her stories, adventures and regrets – you could see here eyes light up and also a hint of sadness.


This 82-year old woman began talking about what’s left in her life that she cares about. It wasn’t her various luxuries, her former jobs, her closets of clothes or even her daily worries.

It was what she had and had not done. That’s what she thought about. Memories of happy moments brought a smile to her face while regrets of what she hadn’t done haunted her.

It’s food for thought for our generation because at the end of the line what will matter is what we did and didn’t do.

What did did you do? Did you follow your dreams? Did you love someone? Did you love yourself? Did you finally do that thing that scared you? Did you tell that person you loved them? Did you make time for those who cared about you? Did you live a full, passionate life that you couldn’t live without?

Harsh words for a weekday but it’s better than staring at an elderly face of regret, especially if that face is yours.

Make time. Take the plunge. Live a life you love. No regrets.