Monday Movie… Tumbledown

Our The Y Life Monday Movie nod goes to… Rebecca Hall and Jason Sudeikis in TUMBLEDOWN

Y? Well, this romantic dramedy, which was released just a few weeks ago, is undeniably one of the smartest love flicks we have seen in a long time. Director Sean Mewshaw and Writer Desiree Van Til, truly allow you to go on the journey of finding love in unexpected places, healing from love lost and coping with the acceptance of believing in love all over again.

I never really knew, if I believed in people finding more than one love in their lives, especially when most of us struggle to just find that ONE. For some reason though, this movie helped skew that perspective for me a bit; Now when I ponder this topic, I think it could absolutely be a possibility for many people.

You know, it’s like that song by Rascal Flatts, ‘God Bless The Broken Road’
“Every long lost dream
led me to where you are,
others who broke my heart
they were like northern stars,
pointing me on my way
in your loving arms…
This much I know is true
that God blessed the broken road
that led me straight to you…”

I find correlation to the chorus of that song to this movie, because heartbreak comes in all shapes and sizes. We can lose important people in many different ways, whether by… love lost, mistaken actions, death, growth and fear… Fill in your way Here ________.

In Tumbledown a young widow, Hannah Miles, is in the midst of coping with the loss of her famous folk singer husband. While on her journey of healing, a professor from a University in New York, who also happens to be a writer, by the name of Andrew McCabe… comes to her hometown in rural Maine searching for information he needs to complete a book he is penning, on the death of Hannah’s husband.

The acting is superb, it was real, honest and every syllable from both actors was epitomized in truth. Personally, I didn’t know what to expect from Saturday Night Live alum Sudeikis, when it came to a role a bit more serious… I am so accustomed to seeing his humor shining through his characters, you know? He was fantastic, witty and sardonic in a lovable way… His character found bits of comedic lightness, in conjunction to his relationship with, Hall’s character Hannah, making moments of every scene.

Having acted for many years, I love nothing more than watching flawlessness on screen… Rebecca Hall, was just that. She has this effervescent sense of ease about her every movement, which made for a fantastic tribute to the love story she was portraying. The chemistry between the two characters was perfect, based on its imperfections, making it so closely pegged to real life… it’s a thing of beauty!

Essentially the movie is a ride along, on this treacherous roller coaster of love lost and then found once again. If it were easy… It wouldn’t be real… Right?

That is precisely how you will feel while watching it and the best part is you can catch it on demand right now in your living room… so don’t miss a beat and rent it tonight!

Happy Watching!