Goodwill Wants Your Ex’s Things

Heart/ Broken Heart

Heart made of razor blades

Part of YLove week, may mean facing an old love but for a good cause. Y?

Well, a Florida Goodwill – you know that place you may go thrift shopping at- is asking those who are going through a break up to donate their ex’s things.

The Manasota Goodwill will take the physical load off your shoulders so you can give some of that love to yourself or to someone more deserving as part of their “Donate Your Ex’s Stuff” campaign.

Got some stuff to give?

Whether it’s your ex’s stuff or yours, the company says their campaign runs from February 15th to the 29th.

All this just in time for you to gather the stuff up, put it in a box and drive it over to your nearest Goodwill drop off spot. While you may not live in Sarasota, you can drop off your items too!

Not sure where to drop it off ? Click here to find out where.

All the donated items will go to where all their donated items go — to be sold in their stores.

Now, the Manasota Goodwill has put up a disclaimer about this campaign. They say they are not liable for items donated by people other than their rightful owners.

So, if you’re the ex whose stuff is being donated…you might want to start replacing those items. Just stop your local Goodwill!