Grabbing that glass may mean more than just a sip of wine. It could mean helping someone out.

At least that’s the case for ONEHOPE Wine who donates half the profits for every bottle that is bought.

And they’ve been doing this for 8 years!

To what do those profits go to?

Can you say : Ending world hunger, providing clean drinking water, saving our planet, helping children with autism, helping preemies, funding pet adoptions, finding a cure to breast cancer, supporting our troops and much more.

It’s a lot of help that comes from a bottle of wine no?

And this doesn’t just come in one package. You also have the option of gift baskets with goodies and of course WINE or their ever so creative glittered sparkling wine bottles!

It’s a nice option for our  wine-O generation that is becoming more conscious of issues around the globe. It’s something you and those who need help can enjoy.


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