Super Bowl 50: What To Look Forward To 

Aside from the Panthers facing the Broncos, there are other things to look forward to for Super Bowl 50.

It’s not all about the sports for this annual event so here are some  other things to look forward to other than the game.

Halftime Show 

Watch Queen B aka Beyoncé shake it while singing some of her top hits along with Chris Martin from Coldplay.  A mix most may not have thought of but has been long awaited since it was announced.  

Super Bowl Parties 

It’s a great excuse to celebrate with friends and family on a Sunday, gathered around and doing something together. 

Super Bowl Snacks 

Speaking of celebrations, foodies will enjoy the typical and not so typical Super Bowl snacks. Whether they’re from Pinterest or an old family recipe, they’re great for the soul! 

Cute Boys That Are Into Sports

Ladies, obviously there are a lot of girls into sports including me , but for those of us who are single. This is the event where plenty of cuties gather in one spot for the big game. That makes for some sweet eye candy. 


The simple idea of just relaxing, hanging out, watching the game and a good show. All this before starting a new week.