Top Trips To Plan For The Summer

With a new year already in full swing, it’s time to get physically out of your comfort zone and plan an adventure. Unless you’re making a good amount of money to spend, now is the time to start planning a summer vacation.

And what a better day to think about it than the beginning of the week. We at The Y Life have made a list of a couple of must visit spots around the world.

Paris, France 

The spot for lovers, shoppers and foodies alike. From the Eiffel tower to the catacombs, this place is rich in history, culture and nightlife. It has something for everyone.

Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Visit a city of passion, food and fun. Sip on a glass of Malbec while enjoying a juicy piece of Argentine meat (wink wink). Then walk the streets of Palermo while checking out the beautiful architecture. Don’t forget to enjoy their sweets. Also, summertime is  actually  their winter so you’ll enjoy a nice change in your typical weather pattern.

Bangkok, Thailand 

The sites. The people. The culture. The history. The spirituality. The city. The nightlife. Pick one or all and Bangkok has got you covered. It may be a bit of trip due to long flight times but it’s worth it. The Thai culture is unique in its own right and deserves to be admired and relished.

Venice, Italy

The city of water and gondola rides. Historic, full of romance and great food. This city is unlike any other place, mainly because it’s mostly water. Roam the waterways and try not to fall too deep in love.

Sydney, Australia 

Yet another place that has a bit of travel time but definitely worth it. This place is great to enjoy nature or the city life. One thing you can’t miss is the unique outback. It’s a one of a kind experience with their God given natural beauty.