According to the “say all” for the Millennial Generation, The Urban Dictionary, we have started to better understand the truth behind this new age verbiage, namely ‘Ghosting’.

I know what you are thinking.. What the heck does this mean?

“The act of suddenly ceasing all communication with someone the subject is dating, but no longer wishes to date.” -Urban Dictionary

Apparently, this “act” is played out in the hopes that the subject, which you have been dating, will “get the hint” that you are no longer interested in pursuing ANYTHING with them. Basically, you stop attending to their requests for contact and hope they will read into the subtext of NO text.

I wondered if there was some sort of rulebook that went along with just leaving someone alone by going M.I.A, and expecting to be left alone, but apparently it’s just the Millennial way out of face to face communication! It’s a mission statement, for a sector of the populous, who prefers not having to deal with potentially watching someone get hurt when they confront them. Who knew, mentioning you are no longer interested in maintaining any sort of relationship, could be any colder than it already was!

There is no gender bias.. straight, gay, bisexual, black, white or green… anyone can get ‘Ghosted’. Instead, it has more to do with our inability to properly communicate, like the mature adults we have fought so distinctly claiming to be. It’s actually quite selfish when you think about it, right? But somehow it’s accepted by this generation, because we seem not to know anything else, so somehow it is okay.

Listen, as I see it, this “ghosting” thing breeds more confusion, than just kindly stating how you feel… but, on the same token, for some reason I think if we were to confront the person and let them down kindly we might, in actuality, get more retribution for our actions.

Our generation, the Y’s, have accepted being ‘Ghosted’ as the rule of normality. In fact, we are not just okay with it, anything but ‘ghosting’ would seem rude, hurtful and strange… doesn’t this seem like an oxymoron?

I mean really? Where have we come to folks, when we accept being ignored and our feelings unrepresented and disrespected as the norm? THIS ‘ghosting’ deal, is truly out of control, because it makes breaking up on a ‘Post It Note’ or Text seem, well… personal?

Y Lesson: When someone has given a part of themselves to someone else, while dating… Then one of the parties chooses to end the relationship, by just cutting off all communication with their “partner”, without ANY reasoning or explanation… It says more about YOU, then it does about the other person. We need to reexamine who we are as a people and the mark we want to leave on society.. Y? Because when we start having those babies and they grow into young men and women.. do we really want to see them ‘GHOSTed’?

Just some Friday night, food for thought…

**Disclaimer: Yes, I have been ‘GHOSTed’**