“philosophy is the wellbeing beauty brand that inspires women to look, live and feel their best. we enhance the health and beauty of the skin through multi-tasking skin care and feel-good scents. our words uplift and nourish the spirit, and inspire beautiful skin as well as beautiful days so women everywhere can feel confident in their unique inner and outer beauty.” -philosophy

The second you begin to carouse the philosophy website or stop in for a visit to one of their stores, you immediately understand Y it’s more than just a skin care company, because it’s a philosophy for women’s lives.

I came across philosophy when I needed a simple and clean makeup primer that would help coat my skin, before I applied foundation, in order to prevent my pores from becoming clogged by the makeup. I approached the philosophy counter two years ago, as part of my experiment to test out samples from countless designer cleansing brands… That’s when, one of the makeup clerks asked if I had ever tried philosophy

I took home a small sample of ‘the present’ primer, to test the effects of the primer on my skin, ensuring it would not cause any sort of allergic reaction, since I am the queen of allergies. The philosophy primer is one of the best investments I ever made, because it’s not so dense to cause your makeup to rest on that cake-like consistency, but instead it protects your skin with it’s hydrating properties, which help your skin not absorb the chemicals found in makeup that could eventually cause breakouts. The silky soft texture, adheres to your skin and is absorbed instantly!

Philosophy was founded in the spring of 1996 by Cristina Carlino, with the mission to make purity simple. Soon after philosophy became a movement, when the brand appeared on the Oprah show. From the beginning, philosophy was rooted in blending dermatological science and biomedical treatments. The ‘philosophy’ goal was always to bridge the gap between costly products sold by doctors and those more affordable products sold in retail, in order to offer ALL women the opportunity to have access to the BEST in skin-care.

Thrilled to have found a NEW product line I was falling in love with, I decided to continue trying out more of my new ‘philosophy’… To my surprise, the Day and Night ‘miracle creams’ were the BEST facial creams I have ever smoothed onto my skin! Not only is the multi-rejuvinating cream and serum a wonderful source to help prevent wrinkles and increase firmness, improve texture, heal pores and boost radiance.. BUT, it also hydrates your skin throughout the day and protects your skin as it heals during sleep.

To be honest, the creams I’ve tried have never truly lived up to expectations I held for them; I always hoped, they would have this magical effect on my skin and make me glow, as those filters do on my phone… but, let’s be real, that’s not real, right? Well, maybe it actually is with philosophy, at least it has been for me over my past month of the ‘miracle’ trial!

Y? The exclusively patented philosophy formula targets major signs of aging.. HOW you ask? The cream encapsulates active plant cells from the iris flower, which happens to be quite rich in natural polyphenols, along with bi-retinoid (hpr+), which helps deliver active retinol directly into the skin. If you are wondering, what makes the day and night cream different from other day and night duos? The Pearl System that comes along with the night cream is 2x’s MORE-concentrated, than the daytime miracle cream, but the duo work together to promote the magical effects of glowing skin!

Philosophy says that in just 2 weeks 97% of women who used the treatment, saw healthier looking skin and 100% saw improved texture and firmness of their skin. Listen, I may not know numbers, but I can tell you that with my own experiment, I saw my skin improve 100%, by using the ‘Day and Night Ultimate Miracle Worker’ Duo! The Miracle worker cream, which launched in 2015, is referred to by philosophy as their greatest anti-aging skin care innovation, because of its breakthrough technology… and I think Y’s would agree!

“philosophy: the best is yet to come.”