Succulent Ever Make U Wonder…


Ever wonder what this little hard leaved plant is?!?! 

It’s a … Succulent Plant!

Succulents, are known as fatty plants from time to time, because the thick fleshy leaves and stems that encompass them retain water in arid dessert- like climates to help them survive! On second thought… that is probably Y, the word “succulent” stems from the Latin word ‘sucus’, meaning sap!

Y Fact… That swollen appearance, is actually defined as a plant characteristic known as ‘succulence’!

Rated in the Top 10 Best In-Home Plants by ‘Better Homes and GardensSucculents like the warm conditions you can find in most homes, which makes them one of the best options to spruce up the greenery in your home, because they NEVER go out of style!

Although they do like direct light, they are very adaptable to lower light levels in the home… Just don’t forget NOT to water them too often! Succulents need to allow the soil to dry out between waterings, so they don’t become over saturated and die! 

About 60 different plant families contain succulents, which are so unique because the habitats this plant thrives in, are areas with high temperatures and low rainfall… With just some mist and dew, the succulent is equipt to survive in our ecosystem, because the cells in the plant are covered by a thin layer of photosynthetic tissue that helps retain the plants moisture! 

Y Tips: Check HomeGoods for inexpensive Open-Face Terrariums (needed for planting in-home Succulents), then purchase some soil and Succulents at The Home Depot or LOWE’s and make your own at home Terrarium for half the cost! 

Enjoy Planting!

XoX, L.