Yspiration: What You Shouldn’t Tell Yourself

As we prepare for another week ahead, hopefully well rested, it’s time to take a more introspective approach.

What does this mean?

Well, first ask yourself what your attitude is like starting out the week and what your attitude is like ending the week. Is there a common feeling of starting off strong then ending off not so great – feeling a bit beaten down.

If this is the case, what can you do to help you have a better attitude that will carry through the week.

Is it your job? Is it that your working harder not smarter? Is it just that your heart is not in it? Ask yourself.

Part of our Yspiration Sunday is to help you before the start of each week. Even if it’s just planting a seed of thought in your head like things not to say to yourself when your attitude may be turning a bit sour.

Say No To Negative 

No negative talk allowed! You would not say negative things to your best friend so why would you do that to yourself. Negative and self-depricating thoughts will not help you become a better worker or person as a whole. It’s not helpful. Work on eliminating those thoughts from your mind.

Other People’s Lives Are Not Your Business 

Worry about your own business first. Yes, you can care for others but don’t let other people’s business take too much space in your head. If you worry too much about others business, you will take away time from working on your things.

Move On From Your Mistakes 

If you make a mistake, learn the lesson and move on. Taking too much time being hard on yourself  will not help your self esteem or productivity. Learn it and don’t forget it. We all make mistakes but only some of us are smart enough to walk away with the lesson.