Bingeworthy Netflix Shows 

While here in South Florida, our wicked weather of the weekend is a storm, in other parts of the east it’s snowstorm Jonas.

For those who will have to brave out the storm this weekend, you are on our mind and in our hearts. 

For the lucky ducks who will not get stuck in the snowstorm but maybe a rainy one instead, there are some binge-worthy Netflix shows you can watch tonight and there’s something for every taste. 

This drama-filled show is also full of drugs, sex and lots of drug cartel facts on the infamous Drug Lord Pablo Escobar. Think Scarface meets Wolf Of Wall Street. 
Jessica Jones 

Superhero fans won’t be able to get enough of this girl! She is dark and ominous with an awesome sense of sarcasm and spunk but she has a dark past brought on by what some consider the ultimate villain. 
House of Cards 

Political thriller! Kevin Spacey takes you into the political and private world of Congressman Frank Underwood. There’s the superficial political life and the dirty secrets that lie beneath it. 
Master of None

Aziz Ansari’s Netflix series will give you an expected dose of comedy. Along with some funny and  sometimes random convos. It’s good for a laugh. 
Orange Is The New Black 

If you haven’t heard about this one, you might have been under a rock or in North Korea. Piper – a yuppy lawyer- gets dragged back into the life of her ex-girlfriend for something they did in the past. But it’s in jail! Her scary, funny and emotional experiences give you a glimpse into the women behind bars. It’s based on a true story.