Y Younger … TVland is MUST C! 


Exexutive Producer Darren Star and his production team have done it yet AGAIN … From articulately shinning the light on the shimmering streets of Younger’s main character THE City, with a predominately female based cast highlighting the fast paced city life of Millennial’s working their way up on the ladder of 21st Century successes in the Big Apple, ‘Younger‘ hits the nail on the head!

Although Darren Star and HBO’s ‘Sex and The City‘ may have been a bit more cutting edge on the sexual scale, this time it’s association with JAX Media and TVland stars a cast of Millennial’s whose historical imprint will be cutting edge simply by their birthdate. Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff, Debi Mazar, Nick Tortorella and Miriam Shor shine on ‘Younger‘, leaving viewers as uber connected to plot lines and addicted to binging on past episodes as did ‘Sex and The City‘ with late 90s housewives.

‘Younger’ is based on the book by Pamela Redmond Satran, following the journey of a 40 something divorced mom, Liza Miller who craves another shot at career independence, since her husband left her. What she comes to realize is… to succeed in the current workforce she needs to be 20 something AGAIN!

As Liza Miller and her new acquaintance, a Junior Editor by the name of Kelsey Peters, take viewers on their Millennial late 20s roller coaster as young publishing house workers, at Empirical Press. They also tackle issues like the Generation Y ‘hook up‘ culture, career rejections, finding love.. once, twice or all at the same time, sex, fashion, millennial money problems, roommates and even bed bugs!

“Messes make people interesting…” One of my favorite quotes from Season 1, because it’s absolutely 100% true, especially when it comes to Millennial’s! Our lives are messy and that’s okay, we become more and more interesting as time goes on because of all the messes and lessons we find ourselves in!

After binge watching Seaon 1 of ‘Younger‘ on a cold and gloomy January day, I discovered the Season 2 premier tonight is going to be Sexier, Bolder, Wilder and YOUNGER! …  Intrigued? Check it out on TVland at 10PM TONIGHT!

A perfectly blended storyline etched between ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘Sex and The City’ … ‘Younger‘ coils its fascination around the real life struggles Millennial’s face everyday and intersects them at the crossroads where other generations that buffer their lives have difficulty understanding the pattern of their existence.

Tag onto that… The complexities that present themselves when differing generations try to navigate their way, through the norms that gapingly exist between them, such as Millennial’s and their X or Baby Booming peers, you stumble upon a tricky balancing act, which is perfectly depicted in ‘Younger‘. Frankly, it’s quite possibly THE one show on TV speaking the unspoken language rittle’d   between the paradigm of X and Y. If we hadn’t  been so contorted by the perplexities of social incongruencies of life’s patterns in the 21st Century, maybe we would decipher we are a lot more similar than society tells us we are NOT?

Younger‘ gets a thumbs up from The Y Life!