Y State Of The Union

Nearly 8 years later, President Barack Obama is set to give his final State of the Unon address.

Y should you care? 

Well, the annual address is meant to catch you up on the state of the United States. In other words, what’s going on and what we as a “union” should expect in the future. Usually, in the past, there is some sort of call to action from the president to the people to help make our future better.

Why should You watch? 

To know what’s going on in our nation and to find out what our government is doing to address various issues in the U.S. Plus, this address according to the White House, is expected to be a little different than those in the past.

What do You think you’ll hear about? 

The top, most controversial topics that are being talked about and worked on in our nation today. Like? Our economy, climate change goals, health care reform, and social issues like equality. Also, you may hear about gun control which has been a hot topic lately thanks to the president’s executive actions on it.

Why should You know about this stuff? 

Because this is stuff that directly affects you and your future! The economy means more money may be coming out of your wallet or not. Climate change for you may mean our future will have more or less pollution and harsh weather depending on what is being done now. For those who go to the doctor (which is all of us), health care reform might change the way you are insured and who is or isn’t. Lastly, social issues like equality are things we deal with on a daily basis. For women, this may mean equal pay at your job compared to that of a man’s.

All these topics, whether you know about them or not directly affect your life and if you’re not aware of them, you can start tonight at 9 p.m. (EST) You can watch it on TV or online.